2022-2023 Program

Explore Your Personal Values and Goals

This workshop focuses on self-awareness in leadership, personality types, and understanding your life balance. Emphasizing the importance of humility, values, and having a balance in the different aspects of life, with each individual working to meet their own personal needs. 

Fall 2022 – Monday October 2nd and Tuesday October 3rd

Becoming a Technological Steward

[Partnership with Professional Development Conference]

We know technology is rapidly changing our world, and as engineers we are a big part of this change. In this in-person and interactive workshop students will explore the impacts of technology on society and learn how to use technology to make the world a better place for all.

Fall 2022 – Sunday November 6th

Giving and Receiving Feedback

This workshop will focus on the understanding effective feedback, challenges people face when receiving feedback, and how to apply feedback into your work. Additionally students will practice giving different types of extensive feedback.

Fall 2023 – Monday November 28th and Tuesday November 29th

Engineering & Social Justice

This workshop looks at social justice in engineering from inside the profession to outside in the real world. Participants will explore equity, diversity and inclusivity (EDI), microaggressions and how to avoid using them, and how to use your engineering knowledge for a more socially just world.

Winter 2023 – Monday January 30th and Tuesday January 31st


This workshop focuses on followership and its impacts on a team or organizations. Participants will learn the importance of followership, how to create a generative relationship with between both leaders and followers and identify situations when to either be a leader or become a follower.

Winter 2023 – February 27th and February 28th


[Partnership with University of Waterloo and University of Manitoba]

The purpose of the competition is to build awareness about challenges that Indigenous communities in Canada face while developing leadership skills to propose creative and sustainable solutions. Students will work in collaborative teams, exploring Indigenous Ways of Knowing concepts and learning to become stewards and leaders of technology. Through the workshop, students will lead together, reflect on their role, and create a plan to weave Indigenous Ways of Knowing to address the Canadian Engineering Grand Challenges (CEGCs).

Winter 2022 – Saturday March 25th

GEL Conclusion Workshop

Celebrate and reflect on your leadership journey during the GEL Program! In this final closing workshop, we will celebrate achieving our GEL certificate. Students will get to reflect with each other and facilitators on memorable moments and topics throughout the GEL program, and connect with the GEL team on future opportunities! Food and refreshments will be provided for one final hurrah in the 2022-23 GEL Program!

Winter 2023 – Tuesday April 4