2021-2022 Program

Self Awareness and Self Leadership

This workshop focuses on self-awareness in leadership, personality types, and understanding your life balance. Emphasizing the importance of humility, values, and having a balance in the different aspects of life, with each individual working to meet their own personal needs. 

Fall 2021 – September 28th and 29th

Team Dynamics & Conflict Resolution 

This workshop introduces the benefits of positive team dynamics for creativity and productivity, leadership skills to resolve conflicts, specifically active listening, as well as clear strategies and steps to properly identify and resolve team conflicts.

Fall 2021 – November 9th and 10th

Alumni Pictionary Night

A night of meeting past and present students, networking, fun, Pictionary, and a chance to win prizes! All past & present students are invited!

Fall 2021 – November 17th

Organizational Leadership 

This workshop focuses on developing leadership to organize and lead larger groups by learning how to set a vision and goals while aligning company values with your personal values.  

Winter 2022 – January 25th and 26th

Time Management 

[Partnership with Guelph Engineering Society]

Focusing on practical tools to improve time management practices and strengthen student-life balance.  

Winter 2022 – February 4th-6th

Exploring Indigenous Ways of Knowing in Engineering 

[Partnership with Engineers Without Borders]

A new workshop, focused on establishing foundations to understand and acknowledge Indigenous Ways of Knowing as an engineer, as well as enhancing socio-technological stewardship.  

Winter 2022 – February 14th and 15th

Marketing Your Confidence & Experience

[Partnership with the Lang School of Business]

In partnership with the Lang School of Business, this workshop focuses on developing confidence and creativity within leadership, workplace, networking, interviews, and more!

Winter 2022 – March 8th and 9th

GEL Conclusion Workshop

We invite all GEL participants to join us for our final wrap-up workshop! We will be going over what is required of you for the final certificate. Additionally, we will be joined by the Director of the School of Engineering and Guelph Engineering Alumni, eager to meet Guelph’s brightest leaders (that’s you!). Come celebrate and hear our final thoughts on leadership and what’s next!

Winter 2022 – March 23st (6:00 – 7:00 pm)